Let’s make beautiful images for a lifetime of love.

I'm always focused on what's real and meaningful in my sessions, whether you're making a life-long covenant or cuddling your new baby.

What makes beautiful images is connection. 

I want to document you being you, so that 100 years from now your great-great-great gandbabies will know how you felt when you married your true love, or held a miracle in your hands. 

Moments and people are what matter. 

There is an old saying for writers: "Write What You Know" meaning that stories come from within the story-maker. And I think the same rings true for visual artists. 

No two photographers will photograph the same way because art is in the hands of the artist. 

So a little about me to help you understand how I photograph people: 

I'm a mother and a wife. Which means most days, I am lots of things to lots of different people. I strive to be the heart of our home; I fail a-lot! 

I love blankets and large down-filled pillows and cotton and pale gray walls. 

I'm always searching for little projects. Sometimes, I complete them. 

I've been an artist for almost 15 years. Poetry. Photography. Fiction. Film. 

I've lived in Los Angeles, Dresden, Ohio, and Boston. I love traveling. I love little grocery stores in foreign lands.

I love Jesus. Not nearly enough. But He loves me, and His grace and love is sufficient.  

Beautiful Images for a Lifetime of Love