Wedding Photography

My Dream for Your Wedding Images

Marriage is a big deal. Sharing finances, homes, having children, caring for loved ones – all together. Just you and your spouse, partnering through high highs and low lows of life. That is love. Real love. You are about to embark on this life-long journey together.

Document it well.

I often tell clients that no matter what your budget is 3000 or 300,000 invest in great photography first. Because a great photographer will create beautiful images that you will always love. And those photographs or the wedding highlight film will be the only tangible memory you will keep from your wedding day.

Years down the road, they will be the images you show your children. They will be the art you pass on through generations.

Invest in quality. Something you will love forever. It is worth it.

You are worth it.

My Style

There is an old saying that writers have: write what you know. The same holds true for photography.

I photograph what I see. Whether it’s the way your fiancé lays his head on your shoulder, or the way he makes you laugh. I capture people how they are in a 100% journalistic, non-posed, not stiff people posing for the camera. You will smile a lot on your wedding day. It shouldn’t be painful! My goal is always REAL emotions, interactions, love, tears, and joy.

A hundred and ten percent you.


Each wedding is different. Some couples choose lavish 12 hour events that require 2 photographers to do the job right, some couples choose to marry at the courthouse.

Each story is beautiful in it’s own way. My job is to document every story from dress to kiss, artistically and timelessly.

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Generally, clients invest $2800-$5500 on photography and wedding videography collections.

Little collections for elopements or pop-up weddings, begin at $650.

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